Dental Insurance

Protect your business from the cost of illness and injury

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental Insurance gives your staff access to a dental plan that helps remove the fear of unexpected, costly dental charges.

Start protecting your business today

Take care of your people and protect your business with a choice of options from one of the country’s largest, most respected insurers.

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How can Dental Insurance help your business?

Show your team your support by helping them pay for their dental care.

Dental care is one of life’s unavoidable expenses. With Dental Insurance you can help take that burden off your staff and ensure they have access to the treatment they need. As an added benefit cover becomes active the day your policy starts.

Let your insurance pick up the bill, so your people get the care, without the worry.

Good dental care will mean fewer problems down the line, and less time off for lengthy treatment. With a range of plans, including NHS and private options, you can pick a level of cover that works with your budget and your business.

Generous cover from a leading provider:

National Dental Plan, one of the UK’s leading corporate dental providers, is part of Unum Ltd, a leading employee benefit provider.

Significant BenefitsBasicStandardComprehensive
To quote on and buy this product you will need a minimum of 2 employees.
Maximum claim in any one year£550£1,250£2,000
Preventative treatment
Examinations100% NHS coverUp to £30Up to £52
X-rays100% NHS coverUp to £15Up to £21
Scalings & Hygienist100% NHS coverUp to £30Up to £55
Restorative treatment
Fillings100% NHS coverUp to £35Up to £55
Root treatment100% NHS coverUp to £80Up to £120
Extractions100% NHS coverUp to £50Up to £60
Veneers100% NHS coverUp to £80Up to £160
Crown100% NHS coverUp to £130Up to £230
Conventional bridge100% NHS coverUp to £320Up to £550
Dentures100% NHS coverUp to £320Up to £550
Anaesthetic(per visit)100% NHS coverUp to £60Up to £75
Orthodontics(children only)100% NHS coverUp to £325Up to £475
Mouthguard100% NHS coverUp to £45Up to £55
Overall annual maximums
Routine treatmentUp to £550Up to £1,250Up to £2,000
Accident/injury treatmentUp to £550Up to £1,250Up to £2,000
Mouth cancer£10,000£10,000£10,000

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This is a summary of the Unum Dental Clear Benefit Schedule. Reimbursements are subject to individual treatment maximums. Please refer to the full Benefit Schedule for individual treatment maximums.

Here's a little more information about the policies we provide:

Start protecting your business today
Take care of your people and protect your business with a choice of options from one of the country’s largest, most respected insurers.

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